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Mistakes That Can Impact Your Personal Injury Settlement

Everyone makes mistakes occasionally, but if you make specific errors in your personal injury case, it can damage your settlement. Avoid the mistakes mentioned in this article, and talk to our personal injury lawyers in Rockford at Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. for legal advice about your claim.

Not Going To The Doctor

Going to the doctor for evaluation as soon as possible after an accident is imperative. It is common for the injured to think their injuries are ‘minor’, and there is no need to do both with a doctor’s visit. You may also think that going to the doctor is expensive and you cannot afford major procedures.

However, many people discover that their ‘minor’ injuries become worse after a few days. For example, you might have a slightly sore back after a car accident in Rockford and assume it will improve. But you can barely get out of bed two days later because of back pain. In addition, if you delayed going to the doctor, the insurance company will likely argue that your injuries are unrelated to the accident. So, going to the doctor days later may negatively affect your personal injury settlement.

Remember, the only way to prove your injuries to the insurance company is with your medical records. The insurance company will probably deny the claim if you do not have records connecting the accident to your injuries.

Not Following The Doctor’s Treatment Plan

After the doctor sees you, they may provide a treatment plan for your accident injuries. You must follow that plan to the letter or it could reduce your settlement. For example, the doctor may tell you to see a back specialist for your lower back pain. If you do not go to those appointments, the insurance company will find out and assume you are not seriously injured. The insurance company will treat any gap in treatment as a sign that you are not seriously hurt. So, always be sure that you attend your doctor’s appointments, and if you cannot make one, reschedule it immediately.

Providing A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Company

The driver’s insurance company may call you and ask for a recorded statement. Many people want to be agreeable and permit them to record their statements. You are not required to speak to the other driver’s insurance company or give them a statement.

The reality is that your recorded statement will only be used to undermine your case and possibly reduce your settlement. Refer to the other insurance company, your personal injury attorney. Anything you say in the statement can be twisted to reduce your claim and minimize your degree of injury. Your attorney can talk to insurance companies and negotiate the best settlement.

Speak To Our Personal Injury Lawyers In Rockford

If you were in an accident recently and want to file a personal injury claim, it is essential to avoid the mistakes above to have the best case outcome. If you need help with your case, please contact our personal injury lawyers in Rockford at Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. at (815) 962-0044 for a consultation.