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Motorcycle Accidents In Illinois Are More Common Than You Think

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Many bikers in Illinois thoroughly enjoy riding their motorcycles on a regular basis, some even daily. Unfortunately, severe and sometimes fatal accidents happen more often than you think. Learn about motorcycle accident statistics and tips for avoiding injury in this blog post.

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National Motorcycle Accident Statistics To Know

While there are things you can do to reduce the chances of a motorcycle accident, there is no question that riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than driving a car. Some sobering motorcycle crash statistics include:

  • More than 80,000 motorcyclists were hurt in accidents in 2020 in the United States. Approximately 468 injuries happened per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2020.
  • About 1/3 of motorcycle crashes involve unlicensed drivers. It is estimated that 36% of deadly motorcycle accidents involve riders who lack a valid license when the crash occurred.
  • August is the deadliest month for motorcyclists, with about 14% of all accidents. Sunnier, warmer weather likely leads to more motorcyclists hitting the roads in August.
  • Few riders are hurt in the rain. While many might think bad weather causes motorcycle accidents, many riders avoid the rain. Only 2% of motorcycle crashes happen when it is raining.
  • 5,579 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in 2020. This was the greatest number of motorcycle accident fatalities since 1975.
  • Motorcycle crashes account for 14% of traffic fatalities. This is despite only 3% of all registered motor vehicles being motorcycles. Also, motorcycle accidents account for about 20% of all occupant fatalities.

How Can You Avoid Motorcycle Accidents?

Riding a motorcycle obviously puts you at additional risk of injury on the road than driving a car or truck. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid many accidents and minimize injury:

Wear Protective Motorcycle Gear

It is vital always to don protective motorcycle gear before you ride. This includes a motorcycle helmet approved by the Department of Transportation, gloves, boots, jacket, pants, and eye protection. Even if you are not required to wear these items, they can prevent severe or deadly injury in an accident. Also, motorcycle gear protects you from flying debris and insects that could cause you to get in an accident.

Watch For Car Doors Opening

If you ride in a lane near where cars are parked, open doors can be a severe hazard. When a driver or passenger opens the car door into the traffic lane, you could have only a second or two to avoid a crash, which is not always possible. Slamming into a car door at high speed could cause a terrible accident and injury. That is why riding closer to the median is best instead of toward parked cars, when possible.

Take A Motorcycle Safety Course

There is always something you can do to become a better and safer motorcyclist. One way to improve your skills is to take a motorcycle safety course. After you take the class, talk to your insurance company because you could get a discount on your monthly premiums.

Speak To Our Rockford Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Today

Riding a motorcycle is fun and gets you in the great outdoors, but there is a chance you could be seriously injured in an accident, so always use caution. If you have questions about a potential personal injury case contact our Rockford motorcycle accident lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone at (815) 962-0044