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Possible Reasons for the Denial of your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Employees usually have the false impression that they will get workers’ compensation benefits without facing any difficulty after being injured at the workplace. In reality, your employer and their insurers will most likely deny your claim and come up with reasons to justify their move. In some cases, employees make certain mistakes or fail to take necessary steps that give their employer a chance to object to their claim. Employers may establish that the injury was not work-related or was caused by their own carelessness.

In any case, you should be aware of all the reasons your employer can use to deny your workers’ compensation claim so that you can steer clear of making those mistakes.

Failure to Report your Injury Immediately

Workers’ compensation insurers assume that if an employee doesn’t report immediately after sustaining an injury, they weren’t really hurt. According to workers’ compensation laws, you are required to report your work-related injuries within a period of seven days. It is advisable that you don’t wait and report the injury to your supervisor or employer, even if there is the slightest chance of it causing you to miss work. This will make you eligible to get benefits in the eyes of law and increase your chances tenfold.

Not Getting Medical Attention

Just like any other injury, a workplace injury may get worse if you don’t get medical attention immediately. If you don’t go to a medical professional, your employer can claim either you weren’t injured or you let the injury become worse to get more compensation. Moreover, some employers make it mandatory to see a company-approved physician for the medical expenses to be covered by workers’ compensation.

There are no Witnesses of your Injury

The chances of getting workers’ compensation benefits for unwitnessed injuries are relatively slim. In such a case, insurers often establish an argument that the injury could be self-inflicted or happened due to the employee’s own actions. Of course there is a possibility that no other person is present at the time injury, and that is why you should immediately inform your co-workers or supervisor about how it happened.

Discrepancy between Your Initial Medical Records and Accident Report

Often times, workers’ compensation claims are denied on the basis of inconsistency of how the accident took place. If you tell your supervisor about the accident in one way, and paint the picture differently in front of the doctor, it will significantly affect the factual soundness of your case.

You were under the Influence of Illegal Drugs

If the healthcare provider establishes that you had illegal drugs present in your system at the time of injury, the workers’ compensation insurers will surely deny your claim regardless of how serious is your work-related injury.

If your employer and their insurers have tricked you and denied your workers’ compensation claim, you should seek the help of a reliable workers’ compensation attorney right away. They will evaluate your case and come up with a sound legal strategy to get the compensation you deserve. Contact Fisk & Monteleone LTD. today at 815-209-9030 to schedule a free case consultation with one of our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers.