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Tips on Avoiding an Accident on Your Motorcycle

During collisions, motorcycle riders have little more than the clothes on their backs to protect them from onrushing cars and trucks. Since they are almost completely exposed to danger, motorcycle-on-vehicle wrecks are about thirty times deadlier for victims than vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. Lack of rider visibility, especially when combined with driver inattention, is one of the leading causes of these wrecks.

Riding a motorcycle is very risky. But partnering with a Rockford motorcycle accident lawyer following a wreck is a very safe bet. In fact, it’s not a bet at all. Most lawyers charge nothing upfront for their professional services. These services include connecting victims with doctors, building evidence-based claims for compensation, and giving victims solid legal advice throughout the process.

Making Yourself Seen

Invisibility is especially a concern in left-turn motorcycle wrecks. These collisions are very common in Winnebago County. Generally, a tortfeasor (negligent party) is waiting to make a left turn against traffic. The tortfeasor doesn’t see an approaching motorcyclist and turns directly in front of the rider.

A few visibility enhancement tips could reduce the risk of these and other motorcycle accidents. These tips include:

  • Wearing brightly-colored clothes or a brightly-colored helmet
  • Periodically honking your horn
  • Weaving slightly in your lane
  • Always riding with your headlight on
  • Modifying your muffler to make your bike louder

These tips may seem like good advice. And they may work for some riders. However, there is little or no scientific evidence that these tips are effective. Furthermore, many of them, especially muffler modification, might only irritate drivers who do not particularly like motorcycle riders to begin with.

Your Legal Options Following a Lack of Visibility Wreck

Following a lack of visibility or other motorcycle wreck claim, a Rockford motorcycle accident lawyer can typically use the negligence per se rule or the ordinary negligence doctrine to obtain the compensation these victims need and deserve.

This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Negligence per se is a violation of safety law. Left-turn wrecks, as outlined above, clearly violate Illinois’ right of way law. Everyone on the road has an equal right to use the road. Tortfeasors could be responsible for damages as a matter of law if:

  • They violate the right of way law or another safety law.
  • Their violations substantially cause injury.

This doctrine often simplifies and shortens injury claims. However, negligence per se is only available if an emergency responder gives the other driver a citation. Because of the motorcycle prejudice, which is outlined below, that often doesn’t happen.

If negligence per se is unavailable, ordinary negligence remains. Basically, negligence is a lack of care. Turning in front of a motorcycle and similar driving mistakes clearly violate that duty of care. Victim/plaintiffs must normally prove negligence by a preponderance of the evidence, or more likely than not.

In response to negligence allegations, insurance company lawyers often use some variation of the motorcycle prejudice defense. Many people believe those motorcycle riders are reckless thugs. Therefore, emergency responders and jurors often blame riders for accidents, even if the facts clearly don’t support this conclusion.

Attorneys must be prepared to refute the motorcycle prejudice defense. Usually, separating the victim from the prejudice is a good idea. Attorneys often force jurors to focus on all the things the rider did correctly, like obey the speed limit and remain in a single lane.

Connect with a Tenacious Winnebago County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Accident victims are usually entitled to substantial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Rockford, contact Fisk & Monteleone, Ltd. by calling 815-315-0574. Virtual, home and hospital visits are available.