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Tips To Help Prevent Big Rig Truck Accidents

Are there ways to avoid accidents with big rigs? Definitely! With the tips outlined below, you can avoid many tractor-trailer accidents. But if you were in a truck accident, do not handle the insurance company alone or you could lose money in your settlement. Contact our Rockford truck accident lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. and we will fight for your rights.

Give The Truck Room

The first way to avoid big rig truck accidents is to give them a lot of space on the road. Trucks need a lot more space to slow down because of their weight, so you can reduce the chances of getting caught in an accident by maintaining a safe distance. Also, truck tire blowouts can be scary and could also lead to an accident, so move away from trucks when you can.

It is a good idea when you are behind a truck to stay at least four seconds away and give the rig plenty of room when it is making a turn. Trucks sometimes take two lanes on turns and they can sideswipe vehicles next to them.

Be Ready For Bad Weather

One never knows when bad weather will strike in Rockford. It is more difficult for trucks to drive safely in bad weather; many trucks have trouble slowing down safely when the roads are wet or snowy. So, many truck accidents can be avoided if you only drive in good weather when possible. If you need to drive when the weather is bad, try to maintain more distance from trucks, and use your signals so truckers have extra time to slow down.

Do Not Drive Distracted

It is always dangerous to be distracted when driving. But if you are driving near big trucks, it is even more critical to stay alert. This means not being distracted by the radio, cell phones, passenger conversations, children or pets, or food and drink.

Use Care When Merging

Merging on the highway when there are trucks around can be hazardous. When you are merging, the truckers could have difficulty seeing you. So, merge safely and keep an eye on where the trucks are.

Avoid Blind Spots

All motor vehicles have blind spots, but trucks have bigger ones. You can avoid many accidents by being at least 20 feet in front, 30 feet behind, and not halfway down the length of the trailer on the left or right. Also, if the trucker’s face is not visible in the side mirrors, they usually cannot see you.

Use Your Signals

Road safety is always improved when drivers use their turn signals to tell other drivers their intentions. When you are around a big rig and planning to turn or change lanes, use your signals so the trucker has time to slow down.

Contact Our Rockford Truck Accident Lawyers Today

Many truck accidents can be avoided with defensive driving techniques, but sometimes, accidents happen. If you were injured in a truck accident, you could receive compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and pain and suffering. If that happens, contact our Rockford truck accident lawyers at Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. for a case review at (815) 962-0044.