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What Are Average Settlements For Workplace Accidents?

David Monteleone
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Being injured in a workplace accident can be a nightmare. Suddenly, you have a severe injury and cannot work. What will you do to pay your bills? Fortunately, if you work for an employer in Illinois, you are probably covered by workers’ compensation, so you may receive compensation while you recover. Your employer may also have to give you a suitable job role during the healing process. Learn about workers’ comp settlements in this article, and contact our Illinois work accident attorneys if you have case-specific questions.

About Illinois Workers’ Compensation Laws

If you are injured at work in Illinois, it should be some comfort that the law requires almost every employer in the state to have workers’ comp insurance. The only entities that can exempt themselves from the law are sole proprietors, business partners, corporate officers, and LLC members. The workers’ compensation system is estimated to cover at least 91% of workers in the state.

Workers’ compensation covers almost any injury occurring on the job in Illinois. It does not matter who caused the injury or why it happened. As long as the injury occurred on company property when you were working, it should be covered. Common injuries that are covered include:

  • A wrist, hand, or am injury caused by a repetitive use injury
  • Stroke at work
  • Heart attack at work
  • Any other physical problem caused by work, such as back or neck issues

However, there are some cases where the injury might not be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, such as:

  • Injuries that happen at recreational gatherings, such as company softball games or picnics
  • Accidents that occur when you are driving to and from work

If you were hurt at work and wonder if the injury is covered, talk to your HR department and report the incident. You can also speak to our Illinois workers’ compensation attorney, and they can probably tell you if the injury is covered.

Average Workers’ Comp Settlements For Workplace Accidents

Every workers’ compensation case differs because people have different injuries, and recovery times vary. However, Forbes Advisor reports that the average workers’ comp settlement in the United States is approximately $20,000.

But, if you have multiple serious injuries, you could receive more. This is because more than one body part or system was injured. When more than one body part is involved in the injury, the average settlement rises to $62,800, per National Safety Council data.

Still, there is significant variation in the compensation for workplace accidents because there are so many types of injuries. For instance, if you injure your back and break your ankle in a fall, you have multiple injuries; this is different than if you sprain your ankle when going down the steps.

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