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What Are The Chances Of Winning A Wrongful Death Lawsuit In Illinois?

David Monteleone
Illinois Accident and Wrongful Death Lawyer

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The CDC tells us there were at least 200,000 accidental deaths in 2020. There also were 1,194 fatal Illinois car accidents in 2020. Some of these fatalities were single-person accidents, but another person’s negligence caused some. Losing your loved one is a devastating loss that will reverberate for years in your life, and nothing can change that.

With the help of skilled Boone County wrongful death lawyers, you have a good chance of winning a settlement. First, learn below about the odds of winning your wrongful death case. Then, contact our attorneys if you have questions about the incident.

Wrongful Death Burden of Proof

One of the advantages of a wrongful death lawsuit is it is a civil matter, not a criminal case. The burden of proof in civil cases is lower – a preponderance of the evidence. The lawsuit hinges on how powerful the evidence is to prove the case, but at least you do not need to prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. To prove your wrongful death case according to a preponderance of the evidence, your attorney will:

  • Investigate the accident and death
  • Devise a strategy for the case
  • Investigate all claims completely
  • Talk to accident reconstruction experts, doctors, economists, and more

After your attorney reviews the case and attempts to prove the other party was negligent, negotiations with the insurance company will begin. The case could go to trial if your wrongful death attorney cannot agree.
Some wrongful death cases end in settlement, but stingy insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay a reasonable settlement. If it goes to trial, there is a chance the insurance company could pay even more.

However, there also is a risk the jury will decide against you. You get nothing if that happens. Your attorney will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of settling or going to trial.

If there is strong evidence that the defendant’s actions or inactions led to your loved one’s death, there is a reasonable chance they will settle. But it is hard to say. That is why hiring a Boone County wrongful death lawyer with a strong record in settlements and going to trial is vital.

Contact Our Boone County Wrongful Death Lawyers Now

Wrongful death lawsuits are challenging both legally and emotionally. Not only do you need to relive the details of your loved one’s loss as the case proceeds. You also have to contend with the negligent party’s insurance company which will try to fight the claim as much as possible.

In this challenging situation, you should rely on Boone County wrongful death attorneys serving Rockford, Belvedere, Loves Park, DeKalb, Poplar Grove, Byron, and Freeport. First, our wrongful death lawyers will go over the case evidence. Then, they will review liability to determine if you could win a settlement or a favorable verdict.

Please contact attorneys David Monteleone and John Fisk to learn if you have a strong case. Call our wrongful death law firm in Boone County for a free consultation at: (815) 962-0044.