What to Look For in a Top-Rated Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

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personal injury attorneyAlmost two-thirds of the estimated 77,000 lawyers in Illinois are in private practice. Almost all these attorneys handle at least a few vehicle collisions, slip-and-fall, and other injury claims. Upon initial inspection, there is very little to distinguish one lawyer from another. But upon closer inspection, some significant differences emerge, assuming potential clients know what to look for.

In this respect, lawyers are a lot like doctors. If your chest hurts, a general practice doctor might do it in a pinch. But it’s usually best to go to a pulmonologist or cardiologist. By the same token, if you were hurt in an accident, pretty much any lawyer could probably deal with the claim. But only a top-rated Illinois personal injury lawyer can obtain maximum compensation for your serious injuries.


Law school classes teach students how to think like lawyers. But these classes usually do not teach students how to win cases. Only the school of hard knocks provides that kind of training. So, an inexperienced lawyer may do an excellent job of evaluating your case. But only an experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer is in a good position to obtain maximum damages.

These damages usually include compensation for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Pre-litigation experience is important. Attorneys should be very familiar with things like injury investigations, letters of protection, and demand letters.

Negotiating experience is important as well. The vast majority of personal injury claims settle out of court. An attorney must know when to stand firm and when to compromise. A failure in either area could unnecessarily delay settlement or reduce the amount of compensation you need and deserve.


Physical accessibility matters. People who have been seriously injured in accidents usually have problems with things like walking and climbing. That’s especially true on bad days. It’s also difficult for these individuals to drive across town just to see their lawyers.

Client accessibility is important as well. Your lawyer should not be too accessible or too inaccessible. Many lawyers can meet with their clients anytime because they do not have many cases. That’s usually a bad sign. Victims should also avoid lawyers on the opposite end of the accessibility scale. Busy lawyers often delegate tasks to less-experienced associates or even non-lawyer assistants.


As mentioned, most attorneys in Chicagoland at least occasionally handle injury claims. But to a top-rated Illinois personal injury lawyer, these cases are not just sideshows.

As a rule of thumb, your attorney should dedicate at least half his/her time to personal injury matters. Anything less probably indicates a lack of dedication.

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