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Who Is Liable In A Self Driving Car Accident?

David Monteleone
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Car accidents are far too common today in Rockford and across the nation. Every day, we hear reports about serious car accident injuries in our community. In recent years, there also have been reports about self-driving car accidents, which are more common as technology advances. But who is liable in a self-driving car accident? Learn more below about self-driving car accidents, and if you have been in one, speak to our Rockford car accident lawyers for a free consultation.

Liability In Self-Driving Car Accidents?

Obtaining compensation for an accident involving a self-driving vehicle has certain similarities and differences with regular crashes. Whether the car is autonomous or not, the party that crashed is liable for paying damages to those who were injured. However, with a self-driving car accident, it can be challenging to determine the at-fault party. Some of the potentially liable parties in a self-driving car accident are:

The Human Operator

Virtually all self-driving cars on the road today still have a person behind the wheel, which we call an operator instead of a driver. The operator allows the vehicle to perform most of the driving duties, including navigating through traffic. However, the operator is still heavily involved; they must stay alert and be aware of what is happening to take over if there is an emergency. If the operator is careless and does not take over to prevent a crash, they may be personally liable.

Car Manufacturer

As with a conventional auto accident, something could go wrong with the self-driving vehicle itself. For example, failing brakes or tires could make a car accident happen, and there may be nothing the operator could have done to prevent it. In this situation, you might file a suit against the auto manufacturer or that of the part that failed.

The Tech Designer

Self-driving vehicles feature many types of sensors and software that a conventional motor vehicle does not. The software developers and manufacturers of vehicle sensors could be held liable if something goes amiss and an accident happens. Ensuring that the various automated systems can detect every danger on the road is a big reason why perfecting self-driving cars has taken so long.

For example, suppose a child suddenly runs into the street to chase their ball. The self-driving vehicle has to rely on complicated algorithms and data to observe the object and take evasive action. These calculations and actions must occur in a fraction of a second. On the other hand, a human driver would use their reflexes and judgment to avoid an accident.

It can be challenging to decide who or what was liable for a self-driving car accident. The parties involved could rely on the Illinois comparative negligence rules and blame each other for the accident and related injuries. Someone hurt in a self-driving car accident deserves total compensation regardless of who is at fault. Your Fisk & Monteleone car accident attorney will review the particulars of the self-driving accident and determine who or what was at fault. Our attorneys have the experience and skill with complex car accident claims to ensure the at-fault party compensates you fairly.

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