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Who Is Liable When A Pothole Causes A Serious Car Accident?

One may believe that speeding and reckless drivers are the biggest dangers on Rockford roads, but there is another hazard that leads to many accidents in Chicago annually: potholes. Potholes seem to pop up out of nowhere in the spring, and if one caused your car accident, you could have legal remedies available. Talk to our car accident lawyers in Rockford at Fisk & Monteleone if you want to find out about filing a claim.

Liability When You Hit A Pothole

A large pothole can cause severe car accident and property damage. But who is liable for covering your medical and auto repair bills? The local government is often responsible for repairing and maintaining the roads. However, Illinois is also responsible for maintaining some state roads in the Rockford area. The laws relating to liability for pothole-related accidents vary by city, and there could be more than one party responsible.

Some drivers have successfully obtained compensation for their property damages and injuries from the state government. But it is reported that the Illinois Department of Transport only pays about 5% of pothole claims received.

In other single-vehicle pothole accidents, it may be possible to file a claim against the company that did the road work. For example, a private parking lot or road may have been repaired or maintained by a retail store or other entity. Or, a local construction company may have created the giant pothole that injured you and damaged your vehicle.

Other Accidents Caused By Potholes

What happens if an accident is caused because someone swerves or stops to avoid a pothole and causes an accident? In Illinois, liability would usually be assigned to that person for the incident. However, there are accidents where it might be proven that another driver caused the crash. For instance, if you hit a large pothole and slam on the brakes, the driver behind you might have had enough time to stop before slamming into you. In this example, the driver in the rear might be liable.

Avoiding potholes on Chicago roads is best, but we understand that is not always possible. After all, you cannot always swerve into another lane to avoid the pothole because it could cause a severe accident.

Determining who to hold responsible for a pothole accident can be difficult, but with the right attorney, you can get compensation. A car accident attorney in Rockford can investigate the accident and determine the possible parties to hold accountable for your damages.

Contact Our Car Accident Lawyers In Rockford Now

Were you in a car accident because of a pothole? You may have a damaged vehicle, a stack of medical bills, and be unable to work. The fact that you do not know who to hold responsible for the accident can be even more upsetting. But you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and property damage from a government or private organization. Contact our car accident lawyers in Rockford at Fisk & Monteleone at (815) 962-0044 for assistance with your claim.