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Why The Right Doctor Is Crucial To your Workers’ Comp Case

Were you injured on the job in Illinois? Whether you were hurt at work at the Rockford Art Museum, Rock Cut State Park, or elsewhere, you may be entitled to compensation in an Illinois workers’ compensation claim.

One of the essential parts of a successful Illinois workers’ comp claim is selecting the right doctor. Some doctors will put you, the patient, and others are looking out for the insurance company’s interests. How do you know the difference? Keep reading to learn about this critical issue. Next, contact our workers’ comp attorneys in Illinois at Fisk & Monteleone.

Why Is Your Treating Physician So Important In A Workers’ Comp Case?

Your treating physician will make many important decisions that affect your workers’ comp benefits. Some of these are:

  • The medical treatments you receive
  • The diagnostic tests you need
  • Any referrals to medical specialists
  • Deciding when you can go back to work
  • Whether you have short-term or long-term work restrictions
  • What is your impairment rating is
  • How injured you are, which affects your workers’ compensation benefits

Remember that some doctors want to save the insurance company as much as possible. This is common when the workers’ compensation insurance company chooses your doctor. Although in other cases, you can select your doctor, you may be more likely to look out for your best interests.

Illinois Has A ‘Two-Doctor’ Rule For A Workers’ Comp Case

Injured workers in Illinois have more freedom than in other states to select the doctor of their choice during a workers’ compensation claim. When you file your claim:

You may select any treating provider you wish as long as they are part of your company’s Preferred Provider Program. You can choose any doctor if your company does not have a PPP program.

You can change to another doctor when you like. Again, you need to select a doctor in your company’s PPP. Remember that your employer cannot stop you from switching to another doctor.

Non-emergency treatments you received after the accident do not count as your choice of physician. Emergency care does not matter, either.

If the doctor you choose refers you to a specialist, they do not count as your second-choice doctor. If you ever feel pressured by your company to select a particular doctor, you should talk to an attorney. Remember, in Illinois, you have a right to choose your treating doctor.

Talk To An Illinois Workers’ Comp Attorney Now

If you were injured on the job, you might be entitled to compensation in a workers’ compensation claim. However, not every injured worker knows how to handle their claim. Nor do they understand that hiring the right doctor can make or break their claim.

Our Illinois workers’ comp attorneys are here to help and relieve your stress. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys serve the communities of Boone County, Rockford, Belvedere, Loves Park, DeKalb, Poplar Grove, Byron, Freeport, and the surrounding area. Please contact one of the attorneys at Fisk & Monteleone at 815-962-0044 to discuss your workers’ comp case.