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How To Find The Best Accident Lawyer In Illinois

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Personal injuries are one of the most difficult challenges that many of us face in our lives. Between being seriously hurt, out of work, and experiencing pain and suffering, recovering and living our lives can be challenging. If another party injures you, you can take legal steps to potentially receive compensation. But how do you… Read more »

How Common are Accidents With Self-Driving Cars?

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True self-driving vehicles probably won’t be widely available until the mid-2030s, at the earliest. Until then, a “self-driving car” is basically a marketing term. Various driver assistance features are currently available, like proximity sensors. Furthermore, some form of autopilot might be available by the end of the 2020s. Driver error, which causes over 98% of… Read more »

Special Rules About Public Transportation Accidents in Illinois

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Until about 1840, an idea called “the divine right of kings” was widespread in Europe. This theory held that the king ruled by direct permission from God, so he could never make a mistake or be held accountable for misconduct. This idea was embedded in American law as sovereign immunity. Nowadays, almost no one believes… Read more »