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Tips To Protect Your Children From Summer Vacation Accidents

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Many people in Rockford spend sunny spring and summer days outdoors at Rockford Park District, Sinnissippi Park, and other locations. Unfortunately, as more people enjoy the sun, accidents, and injuries occur, including during summer vacation. This fact was illustrated recently when the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that almost two million Americans are hurt… Read more »

Are Younger Drivers or Older Drivers More Likely to Cause Car Accidents?

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Certain misconceptions cloud the statistics when it comes to comparing the dangers of younger drivers versus that of older drivers. Many researchers believe that younger drivers are inexperienced and therefore cause more car accidents. Others believe that since older people have slower reactions, they are more likely to cause car accidents. But one fact is… Read more »

How Much Compensation Can I Receive for Mesothelioma?

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Overall, cancer survival rates have improved significantly since the early 2000s. However, mesothelioma is different. This rare and aggressive form of heart-lung cancer, which is exclusively caused by asbestos exposure, has an extremely high fatality rate. That’s mostly because the mesothelioma latency period is so long. Many of these victims are ill for fifty years… Read more »

Whose Insurance Covers a Test Drive?

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Most lenders require vehicle purchasers to have insurance. But pre-purchase issues are different. In most cases, the car dealership’s insurance policy covers test drive losses. Personal auto insurance policies usually only cover personal, non-commercial losses. If the driver was not named on the policy, the insurance company usually denies payment. Similarly, if the driver was… Read more »