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If A Moving Truck Hits Me, Can I Sue the Company?

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Many U-Haul, Ryder, and other rental moving trucks weigh about 30,000 pounds. When these massive vehicles are involved in car crashes, the injuries can be catastrophic. Such wrecks are all too common, as these vehicles usually require a commercial license to drive. Unfortunately, many moving truck rental tortfeasors (negligent drivers) have little or no insurance…. Read more »

Special Issues in Rockford Large Vehicle Wrecks

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At one time or another, most goods travel on a big rig truck. These vehicles are usually the most cost-efficient way to move freight from one place to another. These trucks also weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds when they are fully loaded. It is very difficult for even experienced drivers to control these machines, even… Read more »

Know a Trucker’s Blind Spots to Avoid Accidents

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For most types of vehicles, such as SUVs, cars, vans, and small trucks, blind spots are common and often small. While people driving passenger vehicles can eliminate the blind spots by correctly positioning their side mirrors, the same cannot be said for a semi-truck or 18-wheeler driver. This is because the side of a truck… Read more »