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Motorcycle Accidents In Illinois Are More Common Than You Think

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Many bikers in Illinois thoroughly enjoy riding their motorcycles on a regular basis, some even daily. Unfortunately, severe and sometimes fatal accidents happen more often than you think. Learn about motorcycle accident statistics and tips for avoiding injury in this blog post. If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Illinois, you might… Read more »

Tips on Avoiding an Accident on Your Motorcycle

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During collisions, motorcycle riders have little more than the clothes on their backs to protect them from onrushing cars and trucks. Since they are almost completely exposed to danger, motorcycle-on-vehicle wrecks are about thirty times deadlier for victims than vehicle-on-vehicle collisions. Lack of rider visibility, especially when combined with driver inattention, is one of the… Read more »

Do Motorcycle Accidents Increase In Summer?

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The vast majority of fatal motorcycle crashes happen between May and September. During other times of the year, especially in northern states like Illinois, it’s simply too cold to ride. One would think that motorists would be more aware of the increased number of motorcyclists during warmer months. Alas, that’s usually not the case. Drivers… Read more »